Artificial Intelligence

This video showcases our innovative document parsing system powered by Artificial Intelligence.

We'll walk you through:

  1. Selecting a document for parsing.
  2. Previewing the document on the screen.
  3. Witnessing the system accurately extract data from handwritten notes, is a challenge for traditional OCR.

About Donut:

Presenting Donut: a cutting-edge, OCR-free paradigm aimed at transforming Visual Document Understanding (VDU). Donut rapidly extracts information from document photos using a Transformer-only architecture, in contrast to conventional OCR-dependent approaches. Donut improves document understanding jobs in terms of speed, accuracy, and flexibility by doing away with expensive and prone-to-error OCR pre-processing.

Project Overview:

The capacity to effectively extract information from document images, such as bills and business cards, is crucial in today's workplace. This task—called Visual Document Understanding, or VDU—remains a major issue for researchers and is essential to many sectors.

A significant portion of traditional VDU systems rely on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. The project's goal was to create an inventive OCR-free method for VDU, to overcome the shortcomings of OCR-dependent techniques. To improve speed, accuracy, and flexibility, a paradigm shift in document interpretation was desired.

Client's Specifications:

  1. OCR-Free VDU: Create a model that does not require conventional OCR techniques, therefore lowering errors and increasing productivity.
  2. Speed and Accuracy: Make sure the new model outperforms the current OCR-based solutions in terms of speed and accuracy.
  3. Flexibility: Build a system that can adapt to different commercial OCR engines without requiring retraining in terms of language or domain.

Our Solutions:

  1. Intelligent OCR: Unlike traditional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) systems that struggle with handwritten text, ours can accurately extract data even from documents with handwritten notes.
  2. Layout Flexibility: Our system can handle documents with various layouts, ensuring smooth parsing regardless of formatting.
  3. Markdown Conversion: Effortlessly convert extracted data into the popular markdown format, simplifying further use and integration.

Tuvoc Technologies' Efforts:

Extensive evaluations show that Tuvoc's Donut model performs on par with or better than earlier approaches. With an astonishing 97% accuracy rate, it beats existing OCR algorithms, considerably improving document parsing jobs across a variety of industries.

Donut introduces technological advancements and practical advantages. It allows for the efficient and cost-effective processing of document images, which is suitable for parsing official government papers. The Transformer model is fully trained from start to finish, resulting in improved speed and accuracy.

Tuvoc improves accessibility and repeatability by making Donut's codebase, pre-trained model, and synthetic data available to the research community, encouraging future cooperation and breakthroughs in the field.

Ready to revolutionize your document processing with cutting-edge technology?

Find out how the Donut model from Tuvoc Technologies, with its exceptional accuracy and efficiency.

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