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    Hire experienced HTML/HTML5 developers from us on an hourly, monthly, or fixed cost basis to build advanced, feature-rich, and secure websites or web applications. Our remote developers have 10+ years of experience and have built 100+ enterprise-grade websites and web apps for small, mid-large-scale businesses across various industry verticals.

    How HTML can help your application development

    • It is widely used.
    • Every browser supports HTML Language.
    • Easy to learn and use.
    • HTML is lightweight and fast to load.
    • Loose syntax (although, being too flexible won’t suit standards).
    • HTML is easy enough to write
    • It is easy to code even for novice programmers.
    • HTML also allows the utilization of templates, which makes designing a webpage easy.
    • HTML is built on almost every website, if not all websites.
    • Free – You need not buy any software.
    • HTML has many tags and attributes which can shorten your line of code.

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    We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project’s confidentiality



    $2204 (USD)

    4 to 6 Years of experienced Laravel Developer 160 hours per month

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      Want to incorporate the power of HTML into your business. Hire our qualified & experienced team of HTML/HTML5 dedicated developers & meet your web/mobile aspirations successfully without the headaches of trying to find the right developer to help you achieve your goals. Here at Tuvoc Technologies, you will get top dedicated HTML developers in India working for your business. Our expert team offers handcrafted solutions for your business. All our solutions are backed up with the latest technology and tools. Besides that, you will get glitch-free designs with all-around support. Our highly skilled and experienced developers will help you with rapid web and mobile application development. Hire HTML developers from us to achieve tangible results and on-time delivery.

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      Experience With HTML Development Stacks

      We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies and modern approaches to scale up your business


      Google Meet | Zoom | GoToMeeting

      Version Control

      BGithub | Bitbucket | Gitlab

      Project Management Tools

      JIRA | Trello | BaseCamp


      Apache | Nginx


      Facebook API | Instagram API | YouTube API | Spotify API | Google API | GitHub API | GoogleMap API | Payment Method integration | Twillio API

      Communication Tool

      Slack | Microsoft Team | Hangout | Skype


      MySQL | SQLite

      Deployment Process


      Our Amazing Customer Success Stories

      As a reputed front-end development company, we have helped companies of all sizes and in every industry to develop HTML front end for web applications. From startups to software companies to digital agencies - you name it, we have it in our client list! You can get a glimpse at some of our satisfied clients below.


      Core Technologies: Laravel | React Native My SQL | Apache | Firebase

      Bopal Daily is a grocery delivery app. Get great deals on fresh vegetables, fruits,
      dairy products and seasonal products at economical prices.

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      Top-Notch HTML Development Services

      You can hire certified and credible HTML developers for Hire Web Developer on an hourly, part-time, and monthly basis as per your requirements to meet your business goals. We have an exceptional track record of delivering all kinds of HTML projects to agencies on time with high quality, affordable price, and 100% risk-free. We deliver top-notch solutions suiting your business needs:

      HTML Component Customization
      HTML Extensions Development
      HTML Website Template design
      HTML CMS Development
      Bootstrap Design & Development
      HTML Email Template Design
      HTML Maintenance Work
      HTML Custom Web Development
      PSD to HTML Service

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why is HTML important in web design?
      HTML is a primary building block for developing a website. Various web browsers can read HTML documents easily and display them. Whether it is an ASP, JSP, or any other development language, finally their tags are changed to HTML tags. Without HTML, you can’t do anything on your webpage.
      Why Hire Dedicated HTML developers?
      If you are looking for faster delivery of projects at low investment, it is wise to hire dedicated HTML developers who work solely on your projects. Few other benefits of the dedicated team include:
      The development team works as your in-house team
      Skilled and Experienced Development Team
      No start-up or hidden cost
      Quality Product Deliverance
      Complete control over the project
      Cost-effective and Flexibility in Hiring Model
      How experienced are the HTML developers at Tuvoc Technologies Technologies?
      Our HTML developers have an average of 5+ years of experience in Web development technologies and can bring domain expertise in the development and implementation of your web projects
      Can I Hire a Developer of my choice?
      After carefully considering your project requirement, we will assign experienced and skilled HTML CSS programmers for your project. If you prefer, you can hire dedicated HTML programmers after scheduling interviews and choose based on your choice.
      What would be the estimated cost for hiring an HTML Developer?
      The estimated cost of HTML developers varies based on several factors, including the number of years of experience, skillset, and project demand.
      How will you keep our information secure? Do we sign an NDA?
      Yes, when you hire HTML CSS developers from us, we sign all the legal forms and documents, including NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) & SLA to protect your information and data.


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