Krishna Helper is a home service providing a platform in India to help customers to book home services like repairing, Electricians, Plumbing work, etc. They are empowering millions of professionals by partnering & helping them with training, credits, technology, etc. to deliver their services.

Jitendra and team are the professionals. I am impressed with their expertise and knowledge in web development. I would recommend their services.

Nishit Shukla
CEO, Krishna Helper
Our Work

Oak Lawn Family Dentistry

Oak Lawn Smiles Family Dentistry provides comprehensive care from an experienced dentist and well-trained staff. They follow a high standard for meeting the patients’ dental care and are tailored to patients’ specific preferences and expectations.



EMFI Group is an intelligence-driven financial services company. They provide asset and wealth management in addition to execution, trading, custody, and clearing services.



Freshness Redefined, For the first time in India, NUTY provides the experience of freshness and flavor of a home-cooked meal combined with the convenience of ready-to-eat.


Hauptstadt Crossfit

Hauptstadt Crossfit offers professional CrossFit training with constantly varying, highly intensive, and functional content that makes people fit as never before. The training in small groups of a maximum of eight people and the family atmosphere.


Cherry on top

Clients create exclusive, personal experiences that go beyond the mere moment and are worth sharing with others – be it in person or via Facebook, Twitter & Co.



Indusface is a SaaS company that secures critical Web applications of 2000+ global customers using its award-winning platform that integrates a Web application scanner, Web application firewall, CDN, and threat information engine.


Happy Heroes

The Happy Horizon group of companies consists of a rapidly growing number of digital advertising and marketing agencies. Full-service all-rounders, as well as absolute specialists with a focus on the happiness of the customers, ensure maximum convincing results.



Oopgo equips companies with leading digital strategy and development: Marketing, Advertising, and Analysis – to obtain a deeper understanding of their customers and competition resulting in winning digital marketing strategies.


Disinfect & Shield

Disinfect & Shield is a product that bonds to almost any surface and destroys bacteria and viruses on contact. It is a fast-acting, FDA-registered sanitizer and EPA N-list disinfectant that creates a continuous, long-lasting surface defense against bacteria and viruses.



Seekmi is an online web and mobile app solution connecting local service providers with customers in South East Asia.


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