EMFI Securities Limited is a main provider of financial services, taking special care of corporate, institutional, and abundance the board clients. With an emphasis on conveying expert advice, creative financial arrangements, and extraordinary execution, EMFI Securities offers extensive admittance to the world’s capital business sectors. 

Project Overview:

Tuvoc Technologies collaborated on a project with EMFI Group, an intelligence-driven provider of financial services with a focus on trading, custody, asset and wealth management, execution, and clearing. The goal was to create a website and app that worked together to improve client experience and expedite several procedures.

Client's specifications:

  1. Order tracking: The customer required a feature on the website that would allow users to track their orders effectively.
  2. Common Create Feature: For users to enter data into various areas of the app and website, a centralized platform was needed.
  3. Reporting Feature: By taking screenshots of any screen, users should be able to report problems with the system.
  4. Common Schedule Calendar: To facilitate scheduling across various functionalities, a common calendar system was required.
  5. Service Report Generation: After each month, an automated report is generated for each customer and sent straight to them.

Our Solutions:

  1. Implementation of Custom Algorithms: Tuvoc Technologies created algorithms to automatically schedule orders, assigning the most qualified technicians and streamlining other procedures.
  2. Custom Coding and Plugin Integration: To satisfy certain project requirements, custom coding and app plugin integration were completed.
  3. Website Development: To improve user navigation and experience, new products, collections, menus, and links were introduced to the website.
  4. Dynamic Sidebar Creation: By simply updating the menu list in the navigation area, the client can add menus as needed thanks to the implementation of a dynamic sidebar.
  5. Featured Carousel Creation: A featured carousel section was added to the homepage to improve the website’s aesthetic appeal and user engagement. Since Shopify did not have this part as an integrated feature, it had to be custom-built.

Our Efforts:

Tuvoc Technologies worked closely with EMFI Group to comprehend their unique needs and goals. Tuvoc Technologies utilised their proficiency in developing applications and websites to create a strong and intuitive platform that fully matched the requirements of EMFI Group.Tuvoc Technologies made sure the app and website were not only useful but also simple to use and intuitive for the clients of EMFI Group by carefully planning and executing the project. The business processes of EMFI Group were made more operationally efficient by Tuvoc Technologies through the integration of elements including order tracking, calendar scheduling, and report generating.

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