6 Advantages of Using MYSQL

6 Advantages of Using MYSQL

Even in 2022 MYSQL continues to be one of the most used relational database management systems ( RDBMS). A database management system is an integral part of the backend which is used by developers to create, modify and extract data from relational databases. Being an open source database system, it  does not add to the cost of web development, and because of continual use over decades it is stable, safe to use and quite powerful. Let’s delve more into the advantages of using a MYSQL database.

1. Data Security

Though flat file  CMSes help in building websites without databases, till date a major percentage of the sites and applications present on the world wide web use databases. When it comes to the security and safety aspects of a web development ecosystem, MY SQL is  one of the most popular database management systems. Whether its informational or transaction data, MYSQL is still a reliable RDBMS.

2. Scalability on Demand

MYSQL provides an unbeatable scalability feature. With unlimited capacity it facilitates the management of embedded applications. Even with a huge amount of data management requirements, MYSQL can conveniently be used to serve the purpose.   Its needless to mention that on-demand flexibility is one of the primary features of this database management system. It also allows endless customization. This feature comes in handy in ecommerce website development.

3. High Performance

To assist the system administrators in configuration of the databases, MySQL features a distinct storage-engine framework. This adds to the  flawless performance of databases and in turn the smooth running of the processes. Irrespective of the nature and size of the website, whether its a medium size one or a giant website receiving millions of queries, and also includes transactional data, this system is designed to meet the requirements of the web environment ensures the optimum speed.  MySQL is designed to meet even the most demanding applications while ensuring full-text indexes and unique memory caches for enhanced performance.

4. Superior Workflow Control

When it comes to workflow control the capacity of MYSQL is impressive. The average download and installation time ranges less than 30 minutes. From the first day MySQL is ready to use. Independent of the platform businesses use for example  Linux, Microsoft, Macintosh or UNIX, MySQL provides the answer to the requirements. With a comprehensive self management solution  that has the capability to do self-management and automate everything from space expansion and configuration to data design and database administration, MYSQL stands as a preferable solution.

5. Adequate Transactional Support

MySQL tops  the list of fast transactional database platforms that are available in the current days. In addition to the above mentioned aspects such as scalability and safety, for transactional support, MYSQL provides round the clock uptime.

6. Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

Last but not the least, being an open source system, it doesn’t add cost to the system. When there is a requirement to migrate from an existing database apps to this platform, a considerable amount can be saved for the organization. Along with that the trouble shooting is also easy and faster and makes it easy to manage.


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