Nuty is reinventing freshness in India, combining the taste and experience of home-cooked meals with the convenience of ready-to-eat options.  Embark on a culinary journey through India with our diversified menu, which includes fragrant curries, plant-based chutneys, superfood hummus, and enticing sweets – a treasure trove of original cuisine for every taste. NÜTY is a registered trademark of Tulita Ahara Private Limited.

Project Overview

Tuvoc Technologies has partnered with Nuty, an established food company that offers convenient, freshly prepared meals that are ready to consume. The project’s objective was to develop an easy-to-use e-commerce website for Nuty so that customers could peruse, place orders, and savor the delectable deals the business was offering. Nuty hoped to improve the consumer experience, shorten the online ordering process, and eventually increase revenue by leveraging Tuvoc’s expertise.

Client's specifications:

Product Catalog: 

Comprehensive and searchable product catalog: The website should include Nuty’s entire food portfolio, including high-quality photographs, detailed descriptions, and ingredient labeling (including allergies).

Simple Navigation: Customers should be able to search for particular recipes using keywords or peruse the catalog by category (such as curries, biryanis, and vegetarian dishes) or dietary preference (vegan, gluten-free).

Food Safety Features:

Transparency: A special part of the website should outline Nuty’s dedication to using only the best, freshest ingredients possible as well as the HPP (High-Pressure Processing) technology that keeps food fresh and gets rid of dangerous microorganisms.

Ingredient Sourcing: Where appropriate, Nuty should promote local and sustainable practices in the information it provides customers regarding the sourcing of its products.

Information on Allergens: Allergen information must be shown clearly and conspicuously on every product page.

Shopping Cart and Checkout:

Order tracking: Clients ought to have the option to follow the position with their orders continuously alongside the approximate delivery time by utilizing a particular order tracking tool.

Basic Checkout Cycle: To guarantee an ideal client experience, the checkout process ought to be easy to understand and require the least steps.

Easy to use Cart Management: Clients ought to track down it easy to add, eliminate, or change the number of wanted things by utilizing the shopping basket.

Different Payment Options: Furnish your clients with a choice of safe payment strategies, for example, wallets, debit cards, and Visas.

Tuvoc's Solution for Nuty's Website with Shopify Technology

Building on the previous solutions for Nuty’s website, here’s how Tuvoc can use Shopify’s features to meet each requirement:

Product Categories & Tags: Shopify’s built-in categorization capabilities will be utilized to categorize products (curries, biryanis, vegetarian) and apply applicable tags (vegan, gluten-free) for simple browsing and searching.

Customizable Product Pages: Shopify’s theme modification capabilities will be leveraged to display clear allergen badges on product pages, and allergen filtering applications may be integrated for sophisticated search functionality.

Shopify Shopping Cart: Nuty benefits from Shopify’s integrated shopping cart feature, which ensures a responsive and user-friendly experience across all devices.

Shopify Payments: Tuvoc integrates Shopify Payments, a secure and PCI-compliant gateway that provides numerous payment choices (credit cards, debit cards) straight during the checkout process.

Our Efforts:

Tuvoc Technologies collaborated with Nuty to develop a user-friendly e-commerce website.  Tuvoc created an easy-to-use platform for exploring, ordering, and enjoying Nuty’s tasty meals, focusing on both functionality and a good user experience.  

Tuvoc provided Nuty with a website that builds confidence, streamlines online ordering, and prepares them for success in the Indian cuisine market, with features such as mobile responsiveness and SEO optimization.

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