As a pioneer in application security, Indusface provides companies with an extensive toolkit to protect their mobile, web, and API applications. Building strong security postures that fend off a variety of cyberattacks is their main goal. This includes round-the-clock cybersecurity team support for real-time defense against DDoS assaults, malicious bots, OWASP exploits, and zero-day vulnerabilities.  With its special blend of manual penetration testing for accuracy and automated DAST scanning for efficiency, Indusface removes false positives through human verification.

Project Overview: Development of Website

Tuvoc Technologies designed and developed a user-friendly website in partnership with Indusface, a top application security provider. The main objective was to build an extensive web presence that highlighted Indusface’s range of security services and products.   Utilizing Tuvoc’s proficiency in web development, Indusface aimed to increase information accessibility, and user experience, and build a strong online presence that builds confidence and draws in new business.

Client's specifications:

Project Objective:

Create an easy-to-use and educational website that highlights the security services and products that Indusface offers.

The target audience:

  1. Companies and institutions looking to strengthen their application security stance.
  2. Purchasing selections are made by security experts and IT specialists.

Website Functions:

  1. Information architecture should be clear and concise.
  2. Simple navigation to discover Indusface’s services and product information.
  3. Informative and engaging copy emphasizing the advantages of Indusface’s security solutions.
  4. Clearly defined service offerings and price arrangements.
  5. Request quotes or contact sales for custom solutions.
  6. A seamless website experience on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Tuvoc’s Technology Stack for a Website

Tuvoc Technologies suggests using a powerful combination of technologies to create a high-performance and secure website for Indusface.

Backend Development:

Laravel Framework: This popular PHP framework will give you a solid basis for creating a secure and scalable online application. Laravel includes built-in security protections, object-oriented programming for clean code, and a large ecosystem of pre-built functions.

Database Management:

MySQL: A popular and dependable open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) that is perfect for storing and managing Indusface’s website data, including service details, product information, and perhaps user-generated content (e.g., testimonials).

Front-end Development:

NPM (Node Package Manager): This package manager simplifies the installation and maintenance of critical JavaScript libraries and frameworks required for website interactivity and functionality.

HTML: HTML is the primary markup language for arranging online content and setting out the foundation of each webpage.

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) will add visual flare and define the style and feel of the website, ensuring that visitors to Indusface have a user-friendly and visually appealing experience.

Our efforts:

Tuvoc Technologies collaborated with Indusface, a prominent application security provider, to create a strong new website. Our goal was to increase Indusface’s internet visibility and effectively communicate its sophisticated security solutions.

We created a user-friendly platform that highlights Indusface’s full range of services, including real-time online application security and multi-platform penetration testing. Detailed explanations, captivating material, and a dedicated resources section help to position Indusface as a cybersecurity thinking leader.

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