Oopgo is not a typical digital marketing agency. It is a strategic powerhouse, providing businesses with a full arsenal to dominate the digital landscape. Oopgo blends human knowledge in web development and ROI-based advertising with the efficiency of automation to provide accurate and actionable insights. Oopgo’s elite staff creates winning tactics based on data and human brilliance, regularly rating online properties and campaigns among the top 1% in the market.

Project Overview

Tuvoc Technologies worked with Oopgo to design and build a high-performing website.  This user-friendly platform highlights Oopgo’s broad spectrum of digital marketing services while also strengthening the brand’s identity.  Tuvoc’s experience created the website with a sophisticated technical stack that included WordPress, PHP, and MySQL. This strategic mix enables Oopgo to successfully convey its solutions, highlight successful client stories, and generate prospects.

Client's specifications:

User-Centric Design: The website should be user-friendly, with simple and intuitive navigation that allows visitors to easily explore Oopgo’s services.

Data-Driven Content: Oopgo’s website copy should be educational, interesting, and optimized for search engines, showing their expertise. 

Lead Capture Mechanisms: By strategically placing call-to-action buttons and contact forms, visitors will be encouraged to contact us for consultations or bids.

Responsive Design: The site should be completely responsive and it should be beneficial on any PC, tablet, or cell phone.

Content Management System (CMS): Oopgo utilizes an easy-to-use CMS framework like WordPress in coordinating and refreshing site content without the requirement for much-specialized knowledge.

Tuvoc's Technology Stack for Website

Tuvoc Technologies used an advanced technological stack to assure website performance, security, and scalability. Specific technologies had to be chosen based on project requirements, and may include:

Content Management System (CMS): WordPress (or comparable)

Programming Language: PHP

Database Management System: MySQL

Our Efforts:

Tuvoc Technologies teamed up with Oopgo to create a website that boosts their online presence.  The user experience was prioritized, resulting in an easy and informative platform highlighting Oopgo’s full digital marketing offerings.  

Data-driven content that includes appealing website copy and successful client tales emphasizes Oopgo’s expertise and value proposition.  Strategic calls to action and user-friendly contact forms make it simple for potential clients to engage with Oopgo, accelerating their business growth.

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