How to Identify Web Development Cost Effectively?

How to Identify Web Development Cost Effectively?

Websites have ceased to become a luxury now, moving towards becoming a necessity. Brands are increasingly jumping on the website bandwagon, and they seem to aim for those precious leads that websites can generate.

Be it organic traffic or inorganic traffic, websites help you build that robust brand image, and help you in reaching your target audience. With that, there are a lot of costs associated with website development. The cost of hiring web development services may be hard to determine, but we’ll help you out with that. 

In this blog, we’ll be covering some of them in detail, giving you an idea of what to do and what not to do when you develop a website either for yourself or get it developed from an agency.  

Let’s get started. 

Necessities of Building a Website 

The cost of developing a website largely depends upon the complexity of it. The more feature-rich, aesthetically-pleasing the website is – the higher the cost climbs.

It’s essential to outline your needs and requirements before you kick off website development. Once that’s done, go budgeting and determine how much it will cost.

Let us help you listing some options available in the market you should consider before developing your website: 

DIY Website Builders (Wix, Squarespace)These platforms are inherently user-friendly, and offer pre-designed templates. They’re fairly easy to work with and allow drag-and-drop functionality when it comes to editing. These tools are best suited for websites that have a limited number of features and are very cheap to purchase as well.  

You will have to shell out some extra cash though if you’re opting for a domain name (don’t continue without a domain name) and for premium features.  

Content Management Systems (WordPress)WordPress is like the undisputed king of building websites. It offers an immense amount of flexibility and customization, taking it up a notch from basic website builders.

The catch with WordPress is that it requires a good amount of technical knowledge in order to operate. And it also may require you to hire a developer, ramping up the web development cost by a good margin. Costs vary on the basis of hosting, themes and plugins, and you’ll not find it hard getting a WordPress developer for you nowadays.    

Going Freelance – If you’re not looking to build a website all by yourself, you can hire a freelancer to do just that. Hiring an experienced and adept freelancer is necessary, so make sure to go through his/her portfolio, and also understand their rates/charges.  

Hiring a freelancer will allow you to get greater customization as compared to pre-but solutions. They know how to navigate the tough waters of website development, just find the right one for the job. Rates are usually determined by the hour, and as a result project timelines will influence the overall development cost.  

Web Development Agencies: Web development agencies offer catered solutions and encompass all the aspects of website development. Think of a good web development company as a supermarket where you can get all your needs fulfilled, at a single place. Usually, web development agencies offer design, development, maintenance and even content-related services. 

They’re above freelancers, but as a result you have to shell out more cash as well. Thus, it is crucial to find an agency that has previously worked in the same industry that you specialized in. Costing is determined on the basis of how complex and detailed you want your website to be. A custom website development company can help you out loads. 

Factors that Directly Influence Web Development  

web development

Now that you have a clear idea of the ‘who’ of website development, let’s move on towards the ‘what.’ This simply refers to the various factors that tend to directly impact website development costs:  

Project Scope and Complexity – A simple, short and sweet website will cost less than an e-commerce website with integrated functionalities. So, start off by defining what you actually look for on a website. 

Design Requirements – Custom designs loaded with unique graphics and animations require far more time and expertise. Go for pre-designed templates if you want a website delivered quickly but go for the long wait if you want an intricately designed website. 

Development Technologies – Technology stacks matter. The technologies that you use will greatly impact overall cost. And obviously, building websites from scratch is going to seem like burning a hole in your pocket. So, make sure that you utilize platforms like WordPress to the maximum, but if your requirement is a custom-made website, then get it developed from scratch. 

Ongoing Maintenance and Support – Websites require continuous maintenance. You don’t want a website that’s full of pesky bugs, lagging behind on security updates and missing out on the newest technologies. Usually, agencies and freelancers will offer you these services with a fixed-rate maintenance plan. 

Location and Experience – Developer rates greatly vary from place to place. Hiring talent from foreign locations with the aim of lowering costs may seem like a good option (and it actually is), but factor in potential communication barriers and time zones. Experience will also play an essential role with more seasoned developers commanding higher rates.  

Some Pointers that can’t be Missed 

Here are a couple of pointers to look out for when getting your website developed:  

Prioritize features – Not all features seem essential at launch. Identify core functionalities that your website needs in order to operate in an effective and efficient manner. Once you’ve got essential features in, you can always add more features as time goes on.  

Compare quotes and negotiate – However attractive it may sound; don’t settle for the first quote that you receive. Get proposals from several developers and agencies and compare their pricing structures. Filter them out by ranking them in order of experience and expertise, then move on towards how many features you’re getting in a specific budget.  

Consider open-source platforms – As we mentioned earlier, open-source platforms can be the way to go if you’re looking for a simple website. Do consider them in your development endeavors, and if your requirements are not too much, they’re a great way to start off your website journey. 

Communication is key – Whether you choose the freelance route or the agency route – communication is paramount. You’ve got to make sure that you communicate your needs and requirements, and work towards constant iterations from time-to-time. Discuss budgets, let them know in case there are any changes in requirements and communicate fabulously. 


Looks like we’ve discussed all the major factors that influence development costs and have also gone through the major factors relating to web development. Whether you pick a freelancer for web development services, an agency or even do it yourself – make sure that your business goals align with your website ambitions.  

A well-developed website that uses SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to its fullest will achieve success far better, far quicker and far easier. Website development solutions usually include SEO as well, so look for that if you’re looking for a website development company in India. 



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